Carlo Brambilla Srl since 1926

Carlo Brambilla Srl Company from 1980 decided to make available to its customers the thirty-years experience in the field of blow molding, creating a new production line dedicated to technical article.

Our staff is able to provide advice from the moment of initial design, through good advice in the eventual realization of molds, these utime charged to the customer, until the final sampling and subsequent production.

We can also make customized products if you have already a mold compatible with our production chain.

All with quote and a "turnkey" service.

Avano: The practical and affordable solution for every company or system

Nothing is more complex production processes of the companies as they are differentiated requirements for the storage and transportation of dangerous ADR entities bulky waste.
The Avano container was created to meet this need

AVANO is safe and easy to handle in storage areas as well as to the load, thus avoiding dangerous and unnecessary re packaging operations prior to shipment of the waste.
For example, being able to turn, prevents the direct handling of the waste as it can be forked with mechanical means from the floor of the vehicle and tipped directly into the storage container.

Handy, folding, approved ADR- RID- IMDG 11HZ1 X (used for products and hazardous wastes of Packing Group I-II-III meets the requirements for various types of rejection and is the solution for the optimization of time and resources in regards compliance with applicable dictations regards compliance with applicable dictations.

Avano complies with applicable rules on packaging aimed at the transport of hazardous waste ADR entities guaranteeing the protection and safety of the environment and people.